What to Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatment is more effective and efficient than over-the-counter options. Dr. Mimi Theerathada and the team here at Westlake Smile Studio know how powerful Zoom whitening treatments can be — brightening your smile by up to eight shades!* 

If you want to keep your smile bright and prolong the results of your treatment, here are a few food-related guidelines to follow after your Zoom whitening treatment.

What to eat

What you eat after a whitening treatment affects your mouth for two reasons: Some foods can increase sensitivity and contribute to staining — two things you want to avoid.

Sensitivity is a common (but thankfully short-lived) side effect of whitening treatments. Even with post-treatment gel, it’s normal to experience a little sensitivity for a day or two. You can reduce your discomfort by avoiding hot or cold food and drink during this time. 

Here’s a list of tooth-friendly foods that don’t stain:

Ideally, look for nutritious, light-colored, lower-acid foods.

What not to eat

When it comes to keeping your smile bright, what you avoid is even more important.

Tooth-staining beverages

Tea and coffee are well-known for their ability to stain teeth, but these aren’t the only beverages that can mar your bright white smile. Red wine, fruit juice, and soda can also stain your teeth:

Beverages that are acidic (and not necessarily dark in color) can still contribute to tooth staining. For example, white wine is highly acidic and can wear down enamel, inviting other foods to leave stains. Highly acidic beverages include lemonade, citrus juice, and many energy drinks.

If you do indulge, use a straw or rinse out your mouth after you finish your drink. Straws help keep the liquid away from your teeth. 

Water should make up the majority of your fluid intake, but milk also benefits your oral health.

Foods that stain

Certain foods can stain your teeth, especially foods that are acidic or greasy, or otherwise damage your enamel. Foods that stain include:

Beyond the color of the food, the acidity level of the food plays a big role in whether food stains your teeth. Just as with acidic beverages, acidic food can wear down your enamel, which increases the risk of staining.

Should you give up these foods?

While some of the above foods and drinks can be easy to eliminate without impacting your nutritional intake (e.g., soda), many healthy, nutrient-rich foods are on the list. Should you give up berries and red sauce forever? Not necessarily.

There are tips you can implement to keep your teeth shining bright:

Are you ready for a brighter smile? We’re just a call or click away. You can reach our Westlake Village, California, office by phone, or use our online tool to schedule an appointment.

*Individual results may vary.

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