Juvederm 101: Get the skinny on this amazing facial esthetic procedure

Facial Esthetics in Westlake Village

You may have heard us talking in our office about a procedure that includes Juvederm.  We provide a number of facial esthetic procedures in our Westlake dental office, but sometimes people are confused as to what they are.  

Juvederm is used to enhance the size and definition of your lips, treat wrinkles and lines, and many other facial esthetic needs such as acne scars, cheek lifts, filling loose, sagging skin, and more. It’s a smooth gel filler made of Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in your body. Hyaluronic acid is what coats each cell in your body and is a major component of your skin where it is involved in tissue repair. This amazing acid also works to keep your cells together. As we age, our Hyaluronic acid diminishes. Since Juvederm contains Hyaluronic acid, it bonds easily with your tissues, creating an amazing, rejuvenating change that enhances your natural beauty.  

Juvederm is made up of smaller particles than Restalyne, which allows the gel to spread out more and blend in with the natural contours of your face. This leaves you with subtle, long-lasting enhancements.

The injections are non-surgical procedures. Treatment will take just a few minutes out of your day. Gentle, local anesthetics will be applied to minimize discomfort, and any mild swelling can subside within 24 hours of the injection.

If you are worried about swelling and bruising, you should avoid the following for the two weeks leading up to the procedure:

The Treatment:

Make sure you consult with a licensed and board-certified doctor. This isn’t a procedure you should do yourself. It is usual for nurses or other certified providers to do the actual injections. However, we feel that having a doctor who knows the ins and outs of the face and body health is a great person to have doing this procedure.

The injection area is numbed with either a local anesthetic given by the specialist or through the injection itself. Treatment lasts just minutes, and results can be seen for six months to a year!

After Treatment:

Expect some irritation, swelling, and mild bruising. Most symptoms will end within a week. Ice packs are a great way to soothe any irritation and swelling.

There are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not apply pressure to the areas where the filler was injected for at least four days.
  2. Do not attempt to move the filler by massaging the area.
  3. Avoid injection site massages for up to three weeks.

Immediately After to 24 Hours: There may be some redness and swelling. Bruising is common at the injection area, but the local anesthetic should continue working for some time. Within the first 24 hours avoid alcoholic beverages, extensive sun or heat exposure, and strenuous exercise. Talk with your treatment specialist about when make-up can be reapplied after the procedure.

After 24 Hours: Expect most of the swelling and irritation to subside.

After Two Weeks: You can get facial massages and apply pressure without risk. You should follow up with your injection specialist so they can massage any residual lumps or bumps, and verify the results of your treatment.

If you’ve recently had Juvederm injections, and need to see your dentist for dental procedures, make sure you let us know. We can take extra measures to ensure no additional pressure is added to your injection areas.


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