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6 Benefits of Dental Veneers

If you’re the first one to delete a picture that shows your teeth, we can help you love your smile again. Veneers are a popular cosmetic procedure that enhance your smile. Read on to learn how veneers can benefit you.

Mar 11th, 2021
How to Floss Around Dental Implants

Flossing — whether you have natural teeth or dental implants — is essential for removing plaque from between your teeth and from along your gumline. Read on to learn tips for flossing gently and thoroughly around your implants.

Feb 7th, 2021
What to Eat After Teeth Whitening Treatment

You’ve just had Zoom whitening treatments, and your teeth are dazzling. But what should you eat? More importantly, what shouldn’t you eat? Here’s the scoop on everything you need to know about post-treatment eating.

Jan 6th, 2021
4 Issues Invisalign Can Correct

Invisalign® is known for discreetly straightening teeth, but that’s not all this orthodontic treatment can do. Invisalign teeth alignment treatments have helped over 9 million people address these four issues.

Dec 8th, 2020
When to Consider Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Despite the name, gum disease affects more than your gums. It’s a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Thankfully, gum disease can be treated with lasers. Keep reading to find out why and when you should seek laser treatment for gum disease.

Nov 2nd, 2020
Bridges vs. Implants: What You Should Know

If you’re missing a tooth, you have lots of options to replace it, but which treatment is right for you? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of bridges and implants. Read on to learn more.

Oct 11th, 2020
Invisalign: An Adult Answer to Straightening Teeth

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for tweens and teens. Adults also benefit from orthodontic treatment. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of braces, though. Find out why Invisalign® is your answer to straighter teeth.

Sep 15th, 2020
Do You Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

What happens during an oral cancer screening and — more importantly — do you need a screening? Find out who’s at risk and who benefits most from an oral cancer screening.

Aug 11th, 2020
The Many Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Did you know that lasers are used in both cosmetic and general dentistry? Laser dentistry is improving the way we experience dentistry, and you can experience the perks. Keep reading to learn about the many advantages of laser dentistry.

Jul 20th, 2020
Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Straight teeth are healthier than crooked and crowded teeth because they’re easier to keep clean and less likely to trap harmful bacteria. Invisalign® provides an effective solution for reshaping your teeth to achieve good oral health.

Oct 1st, 2019
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment for tooth flaws. They effectively hide chips, stains, and gaps, but they can also strengthen your teeth. If you’re considering veneers, read to learn about the non-cosmetic benefits they offer.

Sep 1st, 2019
Tips for Taking Care of Your Invisalign Trays

The Invisalign® system, which uses clear, removable aligners, is a great option for straightening your teeth. Read on to learn how you can take care of your aligners and keep your mouth healthy.

Aug 1st, 2019
How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

If you've had your teeth whitened and love the results, you want them to last for as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for extending the life of your whitened smile.

Jul 1st, 2019
Is Invisalign a Good Teeth Straightening Option for Me?

Wish you had straighter teeth but have no desire for metal braces? Invisalign® clear aligners may be the answer. Comfortable, virtually invisible, and able to correct a variety of orthodontic problems, Invisalign simplifies straightening teeth.

Apr 11th, 2019
iTero® Element™ Scanner

Even under the best of conditions, traditional impressions are still uncomfortable, occasionally unreliable and unpleasant tasting. That’s why we’re proud to offer goop-free, full digital impressions with the revolutionary iTero® Element™ Scanner.

Feb 17th, 2019
Missing Teeth? Our Dental Implants Last a Lifetime

When missing teeth make you hide your smile or stop you from eating in public, you need a permanent solution that works. Have you considered dental implants? They look and feel natural, and last a lifetime! Take a moment to learn more about them.

Feb 7th, 2019
Dr. Mimi’s Dental Diary – Oral Cancer Walk

Our Oral Cancer Walk is less than 2 weeks away! Please register/donate/share, and join us on November 3rd at Pepperdine University in Malibu for a scenic 5k walk to raise awareness and funds for the Oral Cancer Foundation!

Oct 22nd, 2018
Dr. Mimi's Dental Diary- What's To Come

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist due to various reasons, but an unpleasant previous experience and the fear of not knowing what to expect, are the top two reasons.

Oct 19th, 2018
Why PRP and PRF are Beneficial for Dental Procedures

Today’s state of the art dental office is equipped with many tools to help make your experience stress-free and comfortable. In fact, even the “feel” of the modern dental office is designed to make your trip to the dentist a positive one.

Mar 20th, 2018
When should I start worrying about orthodontics for my child?

The importance of identifying orthodontic issues at a younger age has been shown to minimize, or even eliminate, more extensive orthodontic treatment later in life. Often early orthodontic intervention can help guide proper jaw development and allow proper

Jan 31st, 2018
Smiling For Success

We’ve all heard the saying “confidence is key.”  If you can exude a feeling of confidence and charisma, then chances are you will have a greater self-esteem and be more successful in your life.

Jan 8th, 2018
Using Insurance Benefits before the End of the Year

As we near the end of the year and are looking at holiday schedules, it is important to make time to go over your dental insurance plans and make sure to get the most out of your dental benefits before the new year starts.

Nov 2nd, 2017
Gum Recession Prevention

One of the most common dental problems we face is gum recession. It’s a condition that most people don’t notice because it occurs gradually. If you’ve noticed tooth sensitivity or that a tooth looks longer than normal, you may be facing it yourself.

Aug 20th, 2017
How to Prevent and Deal with Gum Recession

Our teeth are not only vital to our appearance but also have an impact on our overall health and wellness. Tooth decay is often the biggest culprit when it comes to oral health but the other big issue is gum loss and gum disease.

Jun 29th, 2017
What Can You Do If Your Gums Are Receding?

Are you concerned about receding gums? Have you noticed your own gum line beginning to deteriorate? This can be a troubling discovery, but do not lose hope in your beautiful smile.

Apr 26th, 2017
Why You Should See A Dentist for Botox

Have you heard of dentists performing Botox injections? Yes, you read that correctly. Over the past few years more dentists have begun to offer Botox services in office.

Apr 26th, 2017
What is PRP and PRF and Why is it Helpful?

Occasionally we may require more extensive dental procedures than just your typical fillings and cleanings. Sometimes we need surgery. One of the most common types of surgery involves dental implants.

Mar 24th, 2017
Tips for forming and keeping good habits

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us are empowered with aspirations and resolutions that involve creating and maintaining new habits. If you are one of those people, how successfully have you kept up with those goals?

Mar 2nd, 2017
Helping little ones form good teeth brushing habits

As we all know, good oral hygiene is extremely important. Starting good habits early is key for maintaining healthy teeth over your lifetime. Once your little one’s baby teeth start to emerge, it is time to start putting together a strategy for oral health

Mar 2nd, 2017
Things to Tell Your Dentist at Your Appointment

For most of us, going to the dentist is just one more thing check off our list. We are told that having routine oral appointments is important to stay healthy and prolong the life of our smile.

Jan 3rd, 2017
Why Should You Really Floss?

Many of us who do not floss regularly, or maybe at all, dread the awkward question the dentist always asks, “Have you been flossing every day?” If we are honest we will respond with a “Umm… not really.”

Jan 3rd, 2017
Finding Balance in Our Busy Lives Can Help Dental Health

Trying to make time for dentist appointments during the holidays can be frustrating. There just never seems to be enough time. When candies, baked goods and warm apple cider rule the holiday season and dental health tends to take a backseat.

Dec 2nd, 2016
Facial Aesthetics for Increased Quality of Life

A smile can light up a room and fill a person with confidence. It can inspire and invite others to smile in return. If an individual is ashamed of their smile, they lose one of the easiest ways to influence the world around them.

Nov 22nd, 2016
What is Anti-Aging Dentistry & Is It Right For You?

Halting the onset of aging is not only a popular concept; it’s a million dollar industry. Between the products, the pills and the surgeons – there are a lot of options out there when it comes to slowing down the aging process.

Oct 20th, 2016
The Effects of Sugar on the Body and Dental Health

Did you know that consumption of sugar can be toxic to both your body and your dental health? The average American consumes 130 pounds of added sugars (those not found in nature) to their diet per year.

Oct 20th, 2016
How Your Diet Affects Your Health

Two of the most common diseases in this century are tooth decay (dental cavities) and periodontal (gum) disease. Fortunately, you can prevent both of these by improving your diet.

Sep 1st, 2016